99 Tricks and Traps for Microsoft projectDate Format Dangers in Microsoft Project

There is often confusion on international projects between the numerical US date style (mmddyy) and the numerical European date style (ddmmyy). For example, in the United States 020710 is read as 07 Feb ‘10, and in many other countries as 02 Jul ‘10. Consider adopting the ddmmmyy style, 06 Jan ’07 or mmmddyy style, Jan 06 ’07.

Select Tools, Options… to display the Options form and select the View tab Date format:

setting date formats in ms project

This option selects the display style of the dates for all projects.  The date format options available will be dependent on your system default settings. You may adjust your system date format under the Desktop Start, Control Panel, Regional and Language Options.

Preventing the Date Format from Changing on Other Computers

The date format selected in the Tools, Options…, View tab applies to all projects opened on one computer. Some projects may be required to display the day and time format and others day and month, so you have to keep changing the format each time you open a different project.

If you are in this situation, you may override the date format selected in the Tools, Options…, View tab by a date format selected in a View, Table:, More Tables… form:

stop dates changing on other computers in ms project

Each project could have its own set of tables all with their own project-specific date format.

When you send this project to someone else, they will have a better chance of seeing the same date format as you especially if their Start, Control Panel, Regional and Language Options are the same as yours.

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